Many of my thoughts go unspoken. Sometimes this happens because I simply don’t want to add my voice to the cacophony of an already loud world. Sometimes ideas are struggling to find their way to the surface and emerge punctuated by the word “like” when I’m not striving for figurative language. Sometimes insecurity holds them hostage. Unspoken ideas are being mentally stifled by introverts every day.

Sometimes spoken words are simply inadequate. When my friends recently endured trauma and loss I said, “I’m sorry,” when what I really meant was closer to, “I wish I could erase all of the pain from your heart.” There’s emotional power in a strong hug. A meaningful glance connects friends in a crowded room. There’s power in the unspoken.

No doubt, though, I also admire the power of the written word. I’ve been drawn to it ever since I became enthralled by the perils of an innocent piglet being aided by his motherly arachnid friend. When I reached high school and read the words, “I’m nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody, too?” I just nodded my head and thought, ‘Emily, you get me.’

So, why blog? I have been writing on the regular since I was 9 years old. My first diary was pink with ice cream cones and sprinkles on the cover, and it was held closed with an inefficient lock. I’m not sure what deep thoughts emerged from my elementary mind that I was defending from the outside world, but the amount of security furnished by a small, tarnished piece of metal afforded me the courage to put thoughts to paper without fear of judgment. Much of my writing life has been characterized by this attitude. If no one reads my words, they cannot judge my thoughts. I have boxes of journals in my attic which might one day become moth food before they are discovered by some unsuspecting grandchild. While I’m not exactly going to start baring all of my emotions to the outside world, I do want to play some small part in the connective experience of the written word. I’m no Emily Dickinson, but perhaps some of my words might help a person or two to feel less alone in the world.

Well, you’re read this far, or you’ve skipped to the bottom of the post to see what my point was. This was my first blog post, and if only one person is reading this, then I’ve officially increased my readership by 100%.

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